Canadians in US College Baseball is a news source reporting on 1,000+ Candians rostered or committed to play baseball in US College leagues (CCCAA, NAIA, NCAA, NJCAA, NWAC).

Reports are published on a scheduled-basis on cbplayers.com and announced by tweets on the @CollegeBaseba12 Twitter account.

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Promise to Fans (Charter)

Everything starts with the accomplishments of Canadian players and ends with Fans enjoying and discovering the players, teams and leagues.

1. Free player news and reports. No subscriptions, pop-ups or promotional baggage.
2. Cover all the Canadian players in US college baseball we can find (with help from fans!).
3. Source attribution and links, so fans can dig deeper by going to the original source.
4. Continuous improvements, driven by fans. Your input is valued and acted on.

The "Who Are You Guys?" Question

People send emails and DMs complimenting the "team" and asking "Who are you guys?". The emails and DM's are great - thanks to all inquirers. And, I thought I should write an "answer" that I can point to if I get this question in the future.

A short answer is, "Me". My name is Kevin and I prepare reports about the amazing Candians in US College Baseball. But this answer is misleading and misses the whole point!

A truer answer has many parts, starting with the 1,000+ Canadian players without whom there wouldn't be anything to cover.
And, the 1,700+ teams.
And, the many people that have sent hundreds of emails with players, commitments, news items and new ideas.
And, the super group of people and organizations that follow on @CollegeBaseba12 and spread the reports with likes. mentions and retweets.

So, the "Who are you guys?" question is better answered with, "Lots of people!". The players, teams, people giving feedback, ideas, follows, likes, mentions and retweets - all of whom are enjoying a shared experience in baseball.

Welcome everyone! Please enjoy the achievements of the amazing players, teams and community!

Comments / Feedback Appreciated!

Do you have something to share? Or does something need fixing? Please let me know! Contact Kevin on Twitter at @CollegeBaseba12 or email at info@cbplayers.com

Kevin Wall
Operator - cbplayers.com and @CollegeBaseba12