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Canadians in US College Baseball is a news source reporting on 1,000+ Canadians rostered or committed to play baseball in US College leagues (CCCAA, NAIA, NCAA, NJCAA, NWAC).

Canadians in US College Baseball shares with all fans - for free - the latest news, stats and awards for all players on the website which has easy-to-use tools for fans to find the news and accomplishments of their favorite players and teams.

Canadians in US CollegeBaseball posts announcements on two social media accounts: @CollegeBaseba12 on X and on Bluesky.

Canadians in US College Baseball is privately owned, commercial-free and not affiliated with any other organization.

Comprehensive Coverage of Canadians and their Teams

Player Cards

Every rostered player has a player card (web page) with the player image, hometown, team info, awards, stats, links to reports that reference the player. Player cards are updated daily with the latest info.

Team Profiles

Profiles the teams with lots of Canadians on their published roster - school info, team info, head coach, rostered Canadians and alumni. Profiles are added as teams publish their rosters.

Canadian Stats

Season pitching and batting stats summary for every player, along with weekly highlights, season leaders, Big K, Big RBI and Grand Slam reports. Reports show all Canadians together and also with league-specific reports.

Scheduled Reports

Reports are published on a scheduled-basis on and announced by posts on X @CollegeBaseba12 and on Bluesky .

For high school fans the High School Commit report is published Saturdays.

During the Fall/Winter, as teams are building their rosters, the Canadians on College Rosters report is published Sundays.

During the Spring there is a daily news brief of achievements, stats are updated for each player and there are reports showing Canadians in the popular polls.

During playoffs there are daily playoff reports tracking the teams, Canadians and their progress.

At the end of the season there is an annual yearbook with all the players, stats, polls, playoffs and notable news highlights.

Promise to Fans (Charter)

Help fans find the news and accomplishments of their favorite players within the context of the great big world of College Baseball.

1. Cover all the Canadian players in US college baseball we can find (with help from fans).
2. A free website - no subscriptions, pop-ups or promotional baggage - with easy ways to find your favorite players and teams.
3. Continuous improvements, driven by fans. Your input is valued and acted on.

The "Who Are You Guys?" Question

People write comments and emails complimenting the team and asking "Who are you guys?". The messages are great - thanks.

A short answer is me. My name is Kevin Wall. But a better answer is lots of people!
The 1,000+ Canadian players,
And, the 1,000+ teams.
And, the people that read the articles and reports on,
And, the people that follow, like and share the posts on social media,
And, the people that write messages with fixes, news items and ideas,

You are part of the "Who Are You Guys" answer.

Welcome everyone!

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