Top Teams Award Program


The Top Teams Award Program praises teams that advance the academic and athletic proficiency of Canadian baseball players. Exceptional teams earn a Top Team award.

Praising Top Teams

Canadians in US College Baseball follows 1,700+ baseball teams playing in the CCCAA, NAIA, NCAA, NJCAA and NWAC leagues. We follow the team rosters, box scores, news and commentary and we follow the player stats, accomplishments, awards and service.

Over the years we've noticed certain teams continuously recruit and develop Canadians - academically, in baseball, and in community service. We think these teams are Top Teams and should be praised.

Award Levels


Top 5%


Top 20%

The award level for each team is calculated after the team posts their season roster (Fall or Spring). Teams are scored using the Canadians in US College Baseball system that considers:

  • the number of Canadians rostered, incoming, and alumni
  • the academic achievements of Canadians and the overall baseball team
  • the next level of play by the alumni or transfers
  • feedback & commentary from players and the baseball community

Scoring is updated as teams and players earn achievements. For example, a team improving aggregate GPA or signing more Canadians will increase their score potentially leading to a higher award level.

Award Selection

Starting after Labor Day, each week new Gold and Silver medal winners will be selected from the teams with posted rosters.

Historically, the 1,700 baseball teams post their season roster at different times with about half the teams posting by year-end and the other half by season start in the Spring. Using historical results we have calculated an expected minimum gold and silver score levels. However, this seasons actual final gold/silver minimum score levels may vary. So, as teams are scored the expected final gold/silver minimum score levels are updated. As more teams are scored the expected score levels get closer to the final score levels, until finally they become the final score levels.

The practical upshot is that the teams scoring high-gold or middle-silver can safely be awarded medals without waiting for all teams to post their roster. But, teams scoring near the gold/silver threshold (bubble teams) will be delayed selection until more teams post their roster and the final gold/silver scoring threshold becomes more certain.

In the end, we expect the top 5% of teams will earn a Gold Medal and the next 15% will earn a Silver Medal.

Award Notification


Gold medal notification is provided by tweets from @CollegeBaseba12 with the hashtag #CBTOPTEAMS and a mention of the awarded baseball team. The tweets are scheduled based on league days:

  • Tue: CCCAA & NWAC
  • Wed: NAIA
  • Thu: NJCAA
  • Fri: NCAA

Medal winners have their medal displayed on their school card on


For more information about Canadians in US College Baseball Top Teams Award Program please contact Kevin on Twitter at @CollegeBaseba12 or email