2021 Top Teams

April 25, 2021 - Canadians in US College Baseball congratulates the Top Teams 2021 Gold and Silver Medal recipients.
The medals symbolize the long term commitment to recruiting and developing Canadian student-athlete baseball players that the teams have demonstrated through the years.

95 Gold Medalists, 275 Silver Medalists

Over 1,700 teams in US college baseball were scored using a weighted-model that assessed many factors including: their recent history, current season, and future announcements regarding Canadian baseball players. The goal is to identify and praise the teams that have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate their commitment to developing Canadian baseball players.

For the 2020-21 school year, 95 teams (the top 5%) earned Gold Medals and 275 teams (the next 15%) earned Silver Medals.
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95 Teams
Top 5%


275 Teams
Top 20%

Medals by League

The table below shows the medal counts by league. Note, that teams do not score points by their league and no 'fiddling' was done to balance the medals between leagues.
Instead, all teams earn points for recruiting and retaining Canadians on their roster over seasons. Additionally, teams earn points when their players transfer/continue with another program, recognizing the important role of two-year programs in developing players.

League Gold Silver
NAIA 17 57
NCAA I 16 65
NCAA II 11 64
NJCAA I 29 23
NJCAA II 13 12
NWAC 2 7

About the Top Teams Award Program

The Top Teams Award Program praises teams that advance the academic and athletic proficiency of Canadian baseball players. Exceptional teams earn a Top Team award (learn more).

For more information about Canadians in US College Baseball Top Teams Award Program please contact Kevin on Twitter at @CollegeBaseba12 or email info@cbplayers.com.